Exhortation for Cell Group Leaders

In our Church, we call it the “Small Shepherding Group” (SSG). There was a restructure last October. Since then, I see my wife (one of the SSG leader) wrestling with God to receive the messages for her SSG every Wednesday. SmallGroupConnectionsToday, she told me that each time she loses strength or was stressed up with leading, she will go back to the 7 exhortations I’ve given the leaders, and she’ll always find visionary strength through it. Oh boy! Today, i realise it has been a year since I last blogged. It has been an extremely busy year, and I almost forgot everything about my English Blog. So here i am to get my engine started again for the English Christian World. To start with, I’ll just post my 7 exhortations for my church SSG leaders, so that they could always recap the spirit to which God has called them to serve as shepherds.

1) Be assured that the Lord speaks through you, and is using you as a bridge to bring the sheep closer to the glorious pulpit of God. (As the church grew, you are the people who steadfastly keep everyone intact with the gospel, such that they will neither be neglected nor become undoctrinally influenced).

2) Dun go by feelings, hold on to the truth: i.e. All your conditions, struggles and even weaknesses are meant to shepherd the sheep of God.

3) Dun be affected or driven by how well you lead, but set apart a heart that do Christ will in loving and interceding for your sheep.

4) There might be times you will be tired, run out of patience or leading becomes stagnant, but believe that it is exactly during these times that the Lord will reveal greater mystery of the gospel to your heart. So do focus prayer and receive breakthrough when that times comes. (In my 10 years of serving, i can assure you that the Lord is truly faithful to His promise. If you seek Him, you will find Him. There is no situation that HE will juz leave you alone to groan and moan in your struggles if you’re a Word giver).

5) As far as possible, lead with Care and Convictions. Care and convictions are practically the only thing you need as a SSG leader, even dealing with weak members in the group.

6) In the midst of leading, break yourself again and again, and thus draw closer to God in Spirit. Remember, dun be overjoy if you lead well, and dun be downcast if you didn’t. Becoz these are all personal pride. (Frankly, the only true joy I had as SSG leader is: “Lord, I’ve done your will.”)

7) Pastor will always be available for your consultation. Pls feel free to come to me with any issues you face with your life, serving or sheep. Remember, we’re not competing with who do better for SSG, neither are you accountable to pastor, but we’re all in this for the sake of the Church and the Kingdom. As much as we serve, the more we’ll become selfless and unconscious of our performance, but juz solely “By His Grace, for His Glory”.

*** Remember, you already have the truth inside you. You may not be in the state of what i mentioned above at times. But understand that these truths are already inside you. So learn to always forget the past and strain on ahead, pursuing the prize which Christ has prepared for you heavenward.

With love and prayers for you



Finding the voice for the current era through my unique conditions of life



Do you have a Christian voice for this era? Both believers and non-believers need the gospel.

There are some who continually have something to say academically, but it might not be sentences that are constructed finely so that they can be used by God. Some voice out because Christian quotes makes the only belief softer. Some voice out because they hope that people may see that God’s word is all-relevant to all our lives. Some voice out because they want their lives to be meaningfully placed in God’s ultimate purpose. Some voice out because they understood and learnt something foundational and true to the gospel, and they want to make what they learn impressed on their hearts. Some voice out because it is what they experienced uniquely out from the valley of death and they hope their experiences can be of help to others. Some voice out so that there…

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True Experience of God

The Bible (esp in this end times) has been deemed impractical or belittled, yet it is what our very soul and body truly need. I will cover 3 orientations (by churchgoers) that cause Biblical impracticality or had God loosely experienced.

First, when man’s flesh takes charge and decides that the Bible in its holiness is not relevant.

Second, Christians’ ignorance or evasive stance toward “blessing ONLY comes through Jesus Christ”.

Third, believers’ unwillingness or inability to experience the fullness of the Gospel in Spirit.

1. The Flesh delusively made us deemed the Bible as irrelevant.

Now, the belief that worries me most is not atheism, but a Christian belief that doesn’t believe every word of God is all in its worth practical. In fact, I begin to realize that every form of idolatry has its roots from here. Why do I say so? Because we, as physical living Bible relevancebeings will naturally draw our hearts away from impracticality. If we start to find the Bible impractical, we will unconsciously enter into a lukewarm or pseudo Christian belief. Yet God who created us in His fullness, has absolutely provided us with everything we need. It is however impossible for the fallen men to perceive, to feel and be satisfied. Therefore, the Word of God (which creates our soul and body) is revealed, so that the knowledge to know Him comes together with the ability to enjoy Him. The Word, in its amazing power, makes a person desire the right thing, develop the right love, live for the right worth, enjoy every given blessing by the Creator. While it is a process to learn this, we must absolutely accept this as the truth. Even as a pastor, I still have immaturities and struggles in my life, yet I always go back to belief that I can be fully satisfied with God’s Word alone, and every need in my physical flesh (be it food, human love, beauty, wisdom, happiness, etc) are all provided and can be enjoyed abundantly through the satisfaction of His word within my soul. This itself is a God acknowledging and fearing mind.

2. Blessing only come through Jesus Christ.

First, the word “Blessing” has been very much loosely used or perceived nowadays. The instant thought of blessing easily settles on a physical one, e.g. happy family, good job, financial empowerment, smooth sailing lives, obedient kids, peace of heart, etc. Yet, we must go Jesus Only Wayback to what the Bible truly meant by blessing in its true sense. When the Bible first mentioned blessing for men, it was in <Ge 1:28>: God blessed them (Adam and Eve)… Now, the blessing here in its very substance, means having God Himself (i.e. the indwelling of God’s Word and Spirit in them) as everything. It truly meant to say: If a person has the Word and Spirit in Him, he has ALL things, just like the Incarnated Son of man who has nothing, yet having everything. Now, the fallen man wants the world, but the godly man already has the whole world, and he doesn’t work on getting more of it <Jn 6:27>. It is not about having more in this world that defines blessing, but putting one’s whole belief and energy in living out the Person of Jesus. His Purpose, His Way, His Mind is inherently blessing. And whoever believes and embraces it ALREADY lives right in blessing. Now as true believers of Christ, we’re not called to a miserable life, yet we are called to follow Jesus, and to be made like Him everyday in joy. We are not called to show religious piousness, yet we are called to join Christ in His setting apart life and if need be, embrace the sufferings that come. We are not forbid good physical wealth, health, or success, yet because our Lord is coming again, we live as we have none of these and put no value in what we have in this world, other than to live out Christ and build His Church. Brethren, let us not become evasive of the truth in Christ lest we find ourselves compromising our Christian values to relativism.

3. The fullness of the gospel can only be experienced through the Spirit.

I asked God many times; I am a living physical being yet given the Spirit of God. How then do I reconcile my supernatural experience with God apart from having my physical needs met? Now, the Bible says we are dead in sin (in flesh), alive in Christ (in Spirit). Yet becoz of our God with mefallen nature, it is natural that we get fully conscious by what happens in our flesh. I certainly have no misgivings about this, even as I am writing this article. We all get affected over a failure, a loss, when someone hurt us, or not getting what we want. So it’s that flesh thing that springs up and tells us, “hey, you need that success, you need to be happy, you need love, you need justice, you need to be proven right, you just need…” Frankly, if you ask me how much I need, I don’t know. But I just feel I need. And this has prominently become the main philosophy and driving motives of the whole world. The knowledge of men (be it science or philosophy) simply cannot depart from the needs of men. There is yet something else that I discovered during my struggle with spirituality and practicality, i.e. after I have my needs met, I realize 2 things. First, I wasn’t sure if I am truly happy (becoz there’re fears. The fear of losing what I have now, or having my next need unmet). Second, I didn’t love God more. Yes, I seem to be satisfied at that moment, but it didn’t bring me to another spiritual level of loving and desiring God unconditionally. Then I begin to understand that when a man is dead in flesh, he simply cannot be satisfied by things of the flesh. It is like feeding the best food to a corpse, dressing him in the most beautiful clothes. (Now take this figuratively). Yes, our God is good, and in every way. HE gives us Walk With Godunconditionally what our physical body needs, yet it is our spirit that needs to be filled. And it can only be filled when we believe, listen and do the will of God <Jn 4:34>. There is no greater love that can be experienced by our soul other than the love that comes from Obedience. To put it simply, the greatest reward is the Holy Spirit Himself, not the absence of trials or the success/need that is so much wanted. That’s why Paul said: in trouble, in hardship, in persecution, in famine, in nakedness, in danger or sword, IN all these things, we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us <Rn 8:37>. As it is, the Bible is not practicalism, but it is the spiritualism of the practical, the descending of the supernatural upon the natural, the inner workings of the soul that overcome the outside world. In a nutshell, the Gospel is spiritual and every true believer must seek to experience God with a progression toward Spirituality. Yet brethren, beware of today’s relativism and materialism that has downplayed this core experience. And much of our Christian joy has thus often been stolen.

Relevant Verses:

<Jn 6:27>: Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. For on him God the Father has placed his seal of approval.”

<Jn 4:34>: “My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.”

<Rn 6:11>:  In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.

<Rn 8:36-37>:As it is written: For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.”No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

<Eph 1:3>: Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.

Why try so hard, since God seems to allow?

It is a temptation to believe that Christians can live with little pursue of spirituality and yet got what they want of this world. It is even tempting to think that since God allows, why try so hard to be a set apart Christian and raise the bar so high? After all, we’re not called to be pastors and missionaries. So the underlying thinking of a typical believer is: ‘Why try so hard after all? What’s all this setting apart godly lives leading us to? It just feels not so human and enriching.’ Setting apart and an abundant Christian life has been de-linked somehow when the world looks real and doesn’t seem to be perishing.

Christian Conscience

As I look back, it was such a delusion when I used to think this way too. Yet the turning point came when I truly understood what is a genuine Christian conscience. (Paul spoke a lot about following the Lord with a clear conscience – Ac 24:16, 1 Ti 3:9, Heb 13:18). A clear Christian conscience tests the motive of the heart, to begin with. It is a heart that seeks to live by faith before the presence of God and find satisfaction only through doing His will. The earthly motive will however rationalize the needs of men, and make the Word (or the will of God) suits it. It is a heart and mind that would think of all positive experiences and similar examples to suit what he wants to have or to be. It sees what everyone else has or what others can, instead of what God has truly promised (i.e. to love Him alone and receive His Best). So test your motives before you rationalized. It is not about justifying whether I’m allowed to go into a relationship though it seems complicated now; whether I should buy another house since I have the means; whether I should change a car since it angel-and-devildoesn’t cost much and I feel like having it; whether i can seek help from SDU to find a life-partner since I might find a Christian there; whether I can just give this Sunday Service a miss since I’ll be exceptionally busy; whether I should spend money for an expensive tour; whether I should keep taking certain health products to keep my health strong; or whether I can buy insurance……Now, the Bible is not gonna tell you legalistically that it is allowed or not. But the Bible in it’s Spirit, speaks to your believing conscience. No matter how many ‘yes or allowed’ you may have heard from your own justifications or people around you, it is your Christian conscience that you have to answer to. And the consequences of having a clearer or a seared Christian consciences comes from whether you keep listening to it. Now, I realized there is no way to convince someone with a seared consciences, yet the right and wrong is clear to someone with a good Christian conscience, who seeks God uprightly through genuine faith.

Next, are we really happy in the world? We have been blinded so much about ‘happiness’ because of the cultures and values of the world. I was made to believe God allows worldliness just because nothing tragic happens (yet) to the worldly pursuers. In fact, so many heroes and once successful people have lived for the world and perished. So many great nations of the world have come to ruin. Yet, it is in the fallen human mind to know but not to feel, to acknowledge but not to learn. ‘To possess and to reign is happiness’, is still what a typical mind believes. Yet find-happinessprimarily, to believe and to obey is the root of happiness. Abraham believes God (Him alone and His promise), and he possessed everything. Abraham obeys God (in every instruction given him), and he reigned in all ways. In many Churches nowadays, the pulpit speaks about possessing and reigning without grounding upon truly believing and obeying as the fundamentals. Why? Because believing and obeying seemingly sounds difficult and legalistic (as some would put it), but possessing and reigning sounds enriching and powerful. Yet, I can tell you from the whole Bible that the greatest joy and strength comes from believing and obeying. The whole of Egypt was conquered by the faith and obedience of Joseph. The gospel were preached forth right till the ends of the world not by dynamism, but by our Christian forefathers’ sincere faith in the Word, and submission to the Holy Spirit. Now, dun get me wrong. I’m not against reigning and possessing. After all, this is what the Bible has promised His people in <Ge 1:28; 12:1-3>, yet I am absolutely and constantly aware of the means to it, that is only through believing and obeying, which is something that is so callously and evasively preached nowadays. Therefore be clear about today, the food that you eat, the labor that you toil, the car which you drive, the house which you live in, the relationships that you made, will NOT give you any satisfaction and gratefulness AT ALL if faith and love in God stops growing. Nowadays, I wake up everyday comprehending the satisfaction that comes through a life of faith and love, a joy that comes not by having more but desiring lesser because of spiritual satisfaction. Now, if you believe in happiness and what it truly is, understand that there is no greater happiness other than being able to grow in faith and love towards your Creator each day, trusting Him with everything and enjoying His every provision with full devotion to Him. That sense of satisfaction and security that comes along is truly what the world cannot gives, i.e. a sense of having nothing, yet possessing everything. It is found nowhere in success, talents, material possessions, fame, or having done well in work or ministries. So please don’t bend the truth to our human way, but discover the true human way with the truth.

Jesus ChristLastly, the gospel of Jesus tells us there’re no second best in God. There is only Heaven, no second best heaven; there is only the Gospel, no truncated gospel (部分福音). While the world is perishing, it is telling you it doesn’t perish and will last. While many ministers preached the gospel to liberate the souls of men, they over-promise the physical without going deeper and richer into the spiritual. The Full Gospel leads us right into Full spiritual satisfaction in desiring the Person of Jesus, and it definitely keeps growing toward that perfection. In the Person of Jesus, deliverance comes; healing inevitably occurs; enough grace is given to overcome; contentment was given to enjoy everything. There is simply nothing lacking in Christ. Yet the greater joy is when our spirit is illuminated to be more Christ-like each day, possessing absolutely everything in God alone.


How about the struggles we Christians faced in this world? Is there a way out? Yes. Now, the Bible doesn’t say God allows worldliness, but God definitely gives grace for us to grow. God is not demanding perfect faith, but HE warns us against stagnated faith. To grow and keep growing is actually what pleases God. Yet ‘growing’ is not to be read as a pass to give in to worldliness, but to find no ironies in our hearts as we press on toward Christ as our all. And in genuine Christian growth, repentance, developing godly sorrow and pressing on is the truly gracious way, not the presumably way of justifying worldliness and staying put (dun try so hard). Eventually, you must realize it is not about trying hard. Just when the delusive world is drawing closer to the end, it is a pure and devotional mind toward Christ that gives real soul to us. 


<2 Cor 6:10>: (In Christ, we are) sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; poor, yet making many rich; having nothing, and yet possessing everything.

<Php 3:7,13-14>: But whatever were gains to me I now consider loss for the sake of Christ…Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

What Works and What’s Right

There is a tendency in us to go for ideas or solutions that work. Practicalism, as we call it, is what the world believes and adopts. The dynamics of the world are filled with what works (or at least what the human eye believes or sees as working). In common family, financial or relationship issues, ‘what works’ starts to take charge, but ‘what it should be’ is starting to lose ground. And that is where you see the eroding of godly values and pure devotion towards God. In churches today, I’ve seen the focus and methodology of believers building upon what works, to the extent of bending the truth to accommodate it. Most often than not, faith are built upon what works rather than the truth. Ministers are tempted to preach what works rather than what’s right, and the hearts of believers lean towards a problem solving sermon rather than being enlightened by the truth. For instance, if one has a financial problem, the appealing sermon to him will be one that resolved that shortfall, rather than one that progresses through the step of truth about financial management. If one is having a problem with health, finding physical healing is primarily his focus rather than seeking that inner grace and sincere trust (upon the Healer). To many, it is tempting to possess rather than to be contented; it is easy to seek justice than to trust the Judge, it is natural to wanna satisfy our needs than to let the Word of God shape our needs, it is always feelings first and truth second, and the list goes on. In this practicalistic society, Christians are losing something in their spirit in the name of practicalism. Few people question what’s right, as long as it works. “I know, but it’s simply tough, spiritual contentment is just not human”, some commented. Many Christians have conveniently or unconsciously harbor doubts and never find the Word of God solely to be enough in the problems they are facing. In the event, conscious believers tried balancing what God can do and what man must do, whose rationalization ended up bringing in more humanism. Yet the amazing power of the gospel lies far from these perceptions.

As a pastor, I took great pains to make people understand that the Bible is inherently practical, but it’s never practicalism. Things that work, doesn’t mean it solves the root problem. Things that are seemingly hard to work, may not mean that it is not THE WAY (or even the BEST WAY) to work. Recently, my daughter started taking science lessons. She just loves it because of the experiment. Yet she complains that the theory is dead boring. But I tried rationalizing with her, ‘dear, the theory gives you the right fundamentals and understanding about everything that works in the experiment. Without that, u will never make sense of the practical part. And whatever works now may not work consistently, if you got the fundamentals wrong’. Now that may strike some similar chords with spirituality. Yet, don’t get me wrong by thinking that I am some die way doctrinal savvy, trying to advocate Biblical doctrine as supreme and downplaying practicality. I understand that for spiritual things, God can sometimes give us the practical experiences first. There can be instances where God can resolve our problems miraculously or lead us into unexplainable spiritual experiences first, yet the bottom line is we must still go back to the Word to make right sense and discernment of all our experiences, lest we become a needs-driven Christian, not a Word-driven one.

Yet how is the Bible practical, you may ask. Now, most people think that the Bible is Holy, but they never comprehend it as practical.


Bible practicality rest upon a simple truth. It is the Word of God that creates everything, i.e. the heavens, the earth, the very soul of men. Now, there can never be one instance or problem that the word of God is lacking in substances or solutions. From the environmental problem to the physical one, right down to the every mental/emotional struggles of men, God’s word is ever present and potent and it’s for the believing heart to claim it. Yet, why is it so hard to claim? The simple reason is: We have used everything in this world (or in our flesh) to define the practicality of the Bible. Yet, we have seldom used the absolute Bible to understand the dynamics of the world (including our very own heart). For instance, it’s NEVER more money means abundance (as what the world believes). It is the management of money with God’s truth that gives true abundance, bringing the abundance of the soul and the enjoyment of everything we have. As it is, people can have lots of money, yet they still lack (physically and psychologically). Or it’s NEVER more knowledge means smarter. As it is, people who know a lot worry even more. Yet it’s sincere faith and trust in the One who controls everything, by just merely seeking His will to do everything, and behold, this simplest knowledge is the key to manage all knowledge. And that’s why the Bible says: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all Knowledge (wisdom).” Be aware, knowing and feeling is a thin line. Don’t devalue what you know just because you don’t feel, but cultivate yourself to feel what you know (in truth). Sometimes, it is tempting to conclude the Word of God as impractical just because we have an unmet need. Yet we never know whether it is a real or immediate need until the Spirit of God’s Word touches us. Sometimes after hearing the Word of God, all our senses get corrected. E.g. our cravings tone down, our likings turn indifferent, our intense urges normalize, etc. And that is true healing and correction by the Word. Beware, contrary to the Word are delusive needs, wants and thoughts. And we fall not because of our needs, but because we became foreign to the satisfaction of the Word. Yet with those who found it, their soul wants it more, and they find none of their needs satisfied apart from the Word of God that fills their spirit so richly.

So don’t be tempted to think that what’s right don’t work. In fact, what’s right makes ALL things work, fundamentally and continually.

Knowing the Word of God gives you the Right need

It is plain truth that everyone of us has needs, the need to eat, to sleep, to love someone, to be loved, to reproduce, to buy and acquire something, to have fun, to possess knowledge and status, to be acknowledged, to be useful…the list goes on. But the question is: Is that what you truly need? Can that need, after being satisfied, truly benefit you now and in the long run? And would the satisfaction of that need hearten our spirits and gives us joy in full, which suggest that our Lord also rejoices seeing us satisfied? Now, throughout my 2 decades of Christian and pastoral life, I came across people with needs who fall into the below categories:

1) Some would think that: “I’ve a need, I like to have it, I don’t care whether God like it or not”. (its usually the case for an unbeliever, or a believer whose need has caused him to lose all spiritual senses).

2) Some would try to rationalize saying: “Who says God doesn’t want me to have it?” And they went on rationalizing it. (Well, men know they can keep their conscience clear if they manage to rationalize it out. And most often than not, they will keep acknowledging supporting views rather than objecting views).

3) Some meekly professed: “I’m weak Lord, I know that’s not from you. But I just like to have it, can? Would you pleeeease give it to me? I dun care even if it doesn’t benefit me in the end.” (Frankly, I have come to realize that foolishness is something that makes no sense, yet it possesses great powers).

4) Some acknowledged: “Ok! I know the time is not up. You’re God, I can’t do anything.” (But they remain unconvinced and unsatisfied inside, and the need never go away).

5) Yet, there’re also some who didn’t know that God wants them to embrace it, to seek the Lord boldly about it, and to enjoy it through the Holy Spirit, thus being satisfied both physically and spiritually to the glory of God (spiritually, meaning to find satisfaction through abiding by His will).

Now, we will somehow find ourselves belong to one or the other during certain phrase of our Christian lives. Though we cannot control a need that arises within us, the key problem is we have stupidly see that need as a need, instead of transcending it. We have constrained God and ourselves by hovering between: To have/do it or not to have/do it. We didn’t go back to the absolute truth that: God has total conscious and ability to cause that need to diminish,  change that need, lift us beyond that need, make us more God-relying because of that need or even let that need drives us toward something HE has actually meant for us.

Now the key to that all lies in His Spirit! As it is, the Spirit changes all things, even the deepest thing within a man (much less to say a physical or emotional need). The Spirit of God can make us a different person, with a different need, different liking, different perspectives towards things and people, etc. So the error doesn’t lies in we having that need, but we didn’t needfully go forth into His Spirit, to be made clear, normal, healthy, satisfied, both inside and outside us.

As it is, man does not live on bread alone, but on every Word that comes from the mouth of God (i.e. Spirit of God). It is only when the Word of God illuminates our spirits, then we will overcome what need be, be satisfied with whatever HE had for us right now, and enjoy what needs to be enjoyed to our hearts content.

Weighing ScaleJesus teaching the Word

So for those of you out there, if you’re still thinking about whether to have it or not, do it or not, you’re already treading on the wrong paths. U can ask God a thousand times, for years, and you will still not get the answer. You will find yourselves thinking about the same issue without conclusion. And most often than not, you end up making decisions or doing things that you’re not so satisfied with in the end. And the simple reason is becoz you’re putting God and your need on a beam balance. Behold, the Spirit of God is infinite. HE is not outside or irrelevant to your need, but every of your need is found in Him. Come to Him and have Life. Let Him satisfy you, let Him move you forward; let your focus on Him alone lead you on to the next decision or journey; let your obedience to Him correct everything in you. Then you experience the satisfaction of your need in conjunction to your satisfaction in Him.

No wonder Jesus said:

The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you—they are full of the Spirit and life. <John 6:63>

My Youngest turned 6, and off to Primary One

Quite a few people commented that recently he became so much more adorable, at least in his conduct. I felt so too. But to me, he’s growing up, and being changed by the Holy Spirit in the most normal way. I saw God works differently on different people, and sometimes it takes time. When God favors a person, HE favors him through a process. When God changes a person, HE changes him as he grows up.

My wife always says Caleb resembles her physically, but takes over me internally. I dun know if its true, but at least there’s one thing quite familiar. I realize this little boy is actually quite timid, though he tries to appear strong. And when he’s afraid, he becomes quite God-fearing. He just passed his 6th Birthday few days ago, and has the privilege to be the ring bearer for Daniel and Vivien’s wedding matrimony. He was quite scared that day, that’s why he did a great job. Today was his first day in school and he was feeling pretty uncertain and frightened about school last night. This morning, he was exceptionally attentive during family worship, esp to his mother’s message. As it is, he was so happy about school today, and many of his worries unfounded. Anyway, after being ‘front toothless’ for a few years, I discovered a few days ago that his front adult tooth is coming out…sign of growing up, I guess.

Both me and my wife saw him adapting well in school today. Its another feeling (sense of maturity? stability?) seeing my youngest started attending Primary school, and my wife staying home to be a housewife. Something change in the way this family runs, but God is still the same, giving us the serenity and anticipation for the great year of 2013.

With Dad and MumBirthday plus Ringbearer

With Bro DavidWith Mum

RecessAdapting fine

With Siblings at IkeaCaleb on swerve board