True Prayers Move the Spiritual Realms!

The Spiritual Realm is the unseen state of our spirit,  yet it is exactly the ‘force’ that affects everything in our lives. Though unseen, the spiritual realm is never a myth, its a reality. It is in constant operation, and it affects the physical realms: it affects yr outlook, yr daily living, yr relationship with others, in fact everything you’ll encounter and experience physically. Its a reality. Take for instances:

* When you are anxious or frustrated, you dun know why things juz doesn’t go well for you.

* When you’re feeling discontented, and you desire material well-being, strangely it doesn’t come. And if it comes, it will bring you into bondage.

* And ladies, when you are unhappy and inferior, you cannot be attractive physically, and you’ll attract the wrong kind of love even. You see, this is the whole operation of the spiritual realm (i.e. the state of yr spirit), and it practically affects yr physical lives.

Its no use if you are juz smooth-sailing and successful now, yet are ignorant abt the spiritual realms. Becoz every of our problem comes from the unresolved root cause of our spiritual state. Likewise, true success/prosperity must stem from a healthy soul. This is the link where many church-goers miss.

To be truly empowered to live victoriously, you gotta first open yr eyes to the spiritual realm. You must first understand the workings behind the spiritual realm and grasp the ‘feel’ of it. With that, you can match God in His doings, and enjoy exceeding victory.  And that is what prayer is all about.

Honestly, I’ve seen many Christians pray, but they dun know prayer brings abt the mobilization of the spiritual realms! They are ritually doing prayers without knowing that true and successful prayer is one that impacts the state of their spirit. As I deliver my last write up on this series, here are few truths abt prayers, which Christians have always been fundamentally ignorant of.

1) The Spiritual realm moves, the angels are mobilized when you pray with a Child of God (COG) spirit.

It is no use doing fervent and routine prayer. What really move God is the assurance and attitude of a COG (Spirit of Sonship). What do I mean by the ‘assurance and attitude’ of a COG? U see, as a COG, you already have everything. You’re already successful. You’re already in abundance becoz the God who creates the whole universe is yr everlasting Father. However, we are prompt to entertain insinuation like, “I’m not so blessed, I’m not so successful, becoz I dun have a good career, I dun have a good education, I dun have a blissful marriage, I am not so recognized or valued by people, I have dun a dynamic ministry like so and so minister.” When you start feeling like that, you must sense that the evil forces are working in yr spiritual realms. And without intervention, you’ll be deceived further, and sink deeper into yr problems. Yr assurance, yr attitude must stem from the fact that you are a COG, and HE who creates the whole universe is with you. With that, you will be assured that there are some things u need not be too concerned of. You need not be too overly concerned abt finances, abt daily necessity, abt yr future, etc. These are in fact things which yr Father God is more concerned than you. You should in fact be concerned abt whether you are living with a genuine COG attitude everyday of yr life, following yr Father’s will, and enjoy the blessings that come together with it. Always remember: When things are not going well, dun focus on it. That is a changing situation. But the spiritual realms (heavenly host) move to resolve that situation when you restore a COG attitude.

2) The spiritual realm moves esp when the people of God hold on to the COVENANT of God to pray NOW.

Take note: When you are troubled abt something. Say finances, jobs, studies, relationships, or even some weaknesses you have…. Dun keep praying for yr problem to be resolved, becoz that is not the ultimate objective. God is mightier than yr problems. There are surely greater blessings behind for the people of God. So, hold on the covenant: “Lord, you promise: you will use my studies, my career, my poverty, my weakness. Juz like Joseph, he was a slave, and you used him as a slave. Juz like Paul, he was in Prison, and you used him to glorify you and edify many. Even David who sinned horrendously, but you lifted him up and used his repentance to comfort many <Psalm 51>” Pray like that (with the covenant) and receive the greatest peace. This is the spirit that moves God. You see, God knows yr pain (need), but HE wants u to restore that covenant in yr present circumstances, not a ‘better’ one. If you cannot find hope in His covenant NOW, you cannot find hope later. The promise of God is always NOW! God has a plan for you NOW. God is using you NOW.

3) The angels in the spiritual realm move when you follow the will of God.

You see, we always face trials of one kind or another. But when the will of God is made known to us, that is the time we see our problem in a whole new light. Then we can be empowered to move on. You see, the spiritual man knows the will of God, he dun juz follow God blindly. He dun juz follow a pastor blindly. He knows the will of God, what God is telling him, what God wants him to do in his life.

I know a sister who read the books of Rev David Cho from Korea. U see, Rev Cho is a highly revered Pastor in the Christian arena. He leads the biggest church in the whole world, has written many books on his spiritual encounters and trained many disciples. He spoke abt tongues, laying of hands, and many other spiritual gifts/encounters. But the centrality of his msg is always abt God, abt His promise, abt hearing His will. But I notice many of his disciples don’t learn these things from him. They only learned his methodology, his strategy, how to manifest gifts, how to grow their church, etc. So this sister was having a problem with her son, who is not concentrating in studies. And she met believers (who learned from Rev Cho). They always try to give her methodological solutions for her son, like going around his school to pray, standing in front of his bed to pray, pray in tongues, recite certain ‘bombastic’ terminology to cast out disturbing spirit, etc. But these Christians don’t bother to understand the mother and child in depth, don’t know what God has been doing in their lives, and dun advise them with the promise of God in mind. All they did is to give answers thru some methodology or formulas they copied as ‘quick antidote’. Obviously, it never work. This sister begin to understand: Many disciples of great pastors learn the ‘wrong’ things. They dun get the pastor’s spirit, they only learn his outward manifestation, hoping for great results. And they end up more mystical than spiritual. They are often more humanistic than realistic. So my advice: Dun juz rely on a physical experience or methodology in seeking spiritual solutions. What works for him may not work for you. Learn to grasp the will of God for yrself thru His Word. And that is what moves the angels to work.

4) The spiritual realm is ready to be mobilized when you feel the need to pray.

So when the need to pray comes, dun put out the spirit’s fire. Have you ever experience waking up in the morning, feeling the need to pray? Or you heard something unpleasant, feel no peace, have the urge to pray? Or there are some godly anguishes or sorrows that overwhelm you when you are reminded of something/someone? Well, dun ignore that spiritual conviction. When God give you that urge to pray, God is in fact telling you “I’m gonna do something incredible thru yr prayers”.

Spiritual language can only be felt thru yr spirit. Sometimes, you may not be able to explain certain convictions. But if you have been living a life which walks with God, it is not difficult to know God is driving you to seek Him, or to intercede for something or someone.

5) Submission to God is a dynamic spiritual force that crumples the spiritual enemies.

Once you know the will of God and submit, the forces of darkness will crumple down. That stronghold in yr life will go. It will never bother you again, or it will not bother you so much again. Some pple have ‘strongholds’ in their lives, and they dun know how to deal with it. They’ve hatred (or bitterness) in their lives, they’re living promiscuously, they’re living in greed, they cannot forgive someone in their lives. they’ve addition, e.g. gamble, drugs, womanizing, they’ve extreme low self image, etc. Now if you’ve been in this for sometime, its not easy to come out of it. I know. And the moment u think abt stopping all these things in yr lives, either you will get angry with God, or you’ll get angry wif pple who tries to help you. That in fact shows how strong the spirit within is controlling you.

But no matter how great yr stronghold is, dun ever think God will not help you. The moment you realize, u must deal with it. You may not be able to get rid of it immediately. But surrender to God’s dealings. Take in words of correction, and accept discipline willingly as both His love and consequences. Until a point of time when you know you couldn’t live with it anymore, let go, submit to God, and you will realize its like ‘going out of prison’. Its a new life for you afterwards. So dun ever think that submission is cruel and hard. Submission is the thing that sets u free in fact. Its as if the main crux of the forces of darkness departs from you.

6) And when yr spiritual state is right, u will realize that evangelism, ministering to pple, discipleship is so much easier.

Dun be afraid of darkness (problems). Darkness are meant for light (solutions). When you have understood how to move the spiritual realms through prayers, you will ride the tide of darkness and minster to pple relevantly and convincingly. Brethrens, I want you to live victoriously. God is already on yr side. HE has every kind of happiness for you in the gospel. If you live for the gospel, every kind of happiness will follow. When a person lives his life in God’s concern, no concerns can overwhelm him.

You see. Jesus said: The world hates you. This world hates you becoz you already belong to God. And becoz it hates you, it will wanna take away the thing that will give you the most happiness and blessings, i.e. evangelism, the concern of God. Becoz Satan knows, once you live for that, you will prosper. Yr family, yr career, yr relationship, even yr descendants after you will prosper. Everything prospers without you having to seek after it. This is the principle of the spiritual realm. Becoz the whole spiritual realm exists for the kingdom of God. So if a person lives for the kingdom of God, with Jesus as His King, he will enjoy every good and perfect gift from above. So Church, I want you to be clear abt the workings of the spiritual realm, so that you can always be empowered.

Enjoy this last conclusive message on Prayers: To Live a Victorious Life


13 thoughts on “True Prayers Move the Spiritual Realms!

  1. hmm though its another long post, this is a very gd blog entry 🙂

    can sense u are trying to be as concrete/detailed as possible to help us understand the 互动 between our spirits & God’s…

    very helpful!

  2. Hi pastor, I visited your church during christmas. remember me?
    I want to thank you for your beautiful writing and for sharing teaching through your experiences. Definitely a great resource for sharing with others.

    God bless you, your family and church. I’ll definitely visit when I come to Singapore again! 😀

    • Hi Daniel, yea I remember you of course. Glad that you found the way to my blog, and good to know you receive grace from it.
      I presume you’re back in KL? The Lord be with you wherever you go.


  3. Thanks! prayer is so much the key. lnfact many need to break away from bondage. sorry to say,but anyone not fully born again in christ..take note ”I said fully born again”,is in bondage,no doubt.

  4. Many people talk about the realm of spirit, but not fully understand it .. It takes a really pilot to land a plane safely.. There is this book call Deep into the Realm of Spirit.. Very interesting book.

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