Exhortation for Cell Group Leaders

In our Church, we call it the “Small Shepherding Group” (SSG). There was a restructure last October. Since then, I see my wife (one of the SSG leader) wrestling with God to receive the messages for her SSG every Wednesday. SmallGroupConnectionsToday, she told me that each time she loses strength or was stressed up with leading, she will go back to the 7 exhortations I’ve given the leaders, and she’ll always find visionary strength through it. Oh boy! Today, i realise it has been a year since I last blogged. It has been an extremely busy year, and I almost forgot everything about my English Blog. So here i am to get my engine started again for the English Christian World. To start with, I’ll just post my 7 exhortations for my church SSG leaders, so that they could always recap the spirit to which God has called them to serve as shepherds.

1) Be assured that the Lord speaks through you, and is using you as a bridge to bring the sheep closer to the glorious pulpit of God. (As the church grew, you are the people who steadfastly keep everyone intact with the gospel, such that they will neither be neglected nor become undoctrinally influenced).

2) Dun go by feelings, hold on to the truth: i.e. All your conditions, struggles and even weaknesses are meant to shepherd the sheep of God.

3) Dun be affected or driven by how well you lead, but set apart a heart that do Christ will in loving and interceding for your sheep.

4) There might be times you will be tired, run out of patience or leading becomes stagnant, but believe that it is exactly during these times that the Lord will reveal greater mystery of the gospel to your heart. So do focus prayer and receive breakthrough when that times comes. (In my 10 years of serving, i can assure you that the Lord is truly faithful to His promise. If you seek Him, you will find Him. There is no situation that HE will juz leave you alone to groan and moan in your struggles if you’re a Word giver).

5) As far as possible, lead with Care and Convictions. Care and convictions are practically the only thing you need as a SSG leader, even dealing with weak members in the group.

6) In the midst of leading, break yourself again and again, and thus draw closer to God in Spirit. Remember, dun be overjoy if you lead well, and dun be downcast if you didn’t. Becoz these are all personal pride. (Frankly, the only true joy I had as SSG leader is: “Lord, I’ve done your will.”)

7) Pastor will always be available for your consultation. Pls feel free to come to me with any issues you face with your life, serving or sheep. Remember, we’re not competing with who do better for SSG, neither are you accountable to pastor, but we’re all in this for the sake of the Church and the Kingdom. As much as we serve, the more we’ll become selfless and unconscious of our performance, but juz solely “By His Grace, for His Glory”.

*** Remember, you already have the truth inside you. You may not be in the state of what i mentioned above at times. But understand that these truths are already inside you. So learn to always forget the past and strain on ahead, pursuing the prize which Christ has prepared for you heavenward.

With love and prayers for you



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